If you're planning to start your YouTube channel, here are some ideas that have the potential to monetize well and generate good income:

Product Reviews: Review popular products or services in your niche. You can join affiliate programs and include affiliate links in your video descriptions, earning a commission for every sale made through your links.

Movie Reviews: Review popular and just released movies and if possible interview any of the person involved in a movie which is under production.

Story telling:This is a vast subject with a different age group as audience. If you are good at writing and narrating story then develop videos either animated or narrated version. Please ensure the stories are interesting.

Tutorials and How-To Guides: Create instructional videos demonstrating how to use certain software, tools or equipment. You can monetize these videos through ad revenue and also include affiliate links to relevant products

DIY and Crafting Projects: If you are a creative person showcase your creativity by sharing do-it-yourself (DIY) projects or crafting ideas. You can earn money through brand sponsorships, ad revenue or by selling your own merchandise or digital products related to your craft.

Travel Vlogs and Destination Guides: Share your travel experiences and create engaging vlogs of different destinations. You can partner with tourism boards or travel companies for sponsored content or affiliate marketing opportunities.

Fitness and Health Tips: Provide workout routines, fitness tips, or healthy recipe ideas. You can monetize through sponsored content from fitness brands, ad revenue, or by offering online coaching or fitness programs.

Personal Finance and Money Management: Share advice on budgeting, investing, or saving money. You can earn money through affiliate partnerships with financial services or by creating and selling your own personal finance courses or e-books.

Share Markets:If you are well versed in share markets then develop videos on imparting knowledge on share trading or provide regular tips and the past performance of the trading Market or companies.

Gaming and Live Streaming: Live stream your game play or share the recorded videos or create entertaining gaming content. You can earn revenue through ad monetization, sponsorships from gaming companies, or by promoting and selling gaming merchandise.

Beauty and Makeup Tutorials: Create makeup tutorials, beauty tips or product reviews. You can partner with beauty brands for sponsored content or earn commissions through affiliate marketing by linking to recommended beauty products.

Educational Content: Create educational videos in your area of expertise, whether it's science, history, technology, or any other subject. You can monetize through ad revenue, sponsored content, or by offering online courses or tutoring services.

Comedy and Entertainment: Create humorous skits, parodies, or entertaining content that appeals to a wide audience. As your channel grows, you can collaborate with brands for sponsored content or monetize through ad revenue.

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot reading or predicting about the Zodiac signs are one of the areas where a lot of people are interested. If you are well versed in any one of the above you can create videos based on your skill else you can interview people who are skilled in this area.

Additional Tips for your videos: If you are skilled in animation add some fun animated emojis in your videos, and always make the content funny and interesting.

Remember to build a successful YouTube channel it takes time and effort. Focus on creating high-quality content, engaging with your audience and consistently upload videos to grow your subscriber base. As your channel grows, you can explore various monetization strategies such as ads, sponsorships, merchandise or offering additional products or services related to your content.

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