Steps for successful development of a KIDS ANIMATED SERIES and ways to sell it

Develop a unique concept: Make sure your series has a compelling and original concept that will resonate with both kids and adults. Do your research and study what is currently popular in the market.

Create a pitch: This should include a series bible, character designs, episode outlines, and a short video clip or animatic to showcase the animation style and tone of the series.

Research potential buyers: Research potential buyers or distributors of your series, such as broadcast networks, streaming platforms, animation distributors and production companies. Identify which companies are looking for content in the genre and age group of your series.

Make connections: Attend worldwide Animation events like MIPCOM, ATF, KID SCREEN, ANNECY ANIMATION FESTIVAL etc,pitch sessions and conferences to network and make connections with industry professionals who can help you sell your series and also be prepared to answer all questions and provide more details about your concept and how it fits their network or platform.

Negotiate the deal: If a buyer is interested in your series, negotiate the deal terms, including the budget, distribution and licensing rights.

Funding: Once you have identified potential buyers or distributors and made connections, pitch your series to them, check if they could be a co-producer or distributor of the series. Based on the buyers interest secure funding either through a co-producer or an Investor.

Merchandise: Beyond selling the content worldwide there are a big option of developing and selling merchandise products based on the characters of your series.