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One of the leading and top 2d animation companies in India, since 2005 ANIMANTZ has been a creative hub in developing 2d Animation (Realistic, Cartoony and Traditional), 3d Animation, VFX, Storyboarding, post production works and one of the highly experienced 2d animation companies across Asia. From big budget blockbuster animated movies and animated serials, to smaller non-profit video production, you can be sure that Animantz will provide you the required quality that fits your style and at a reasonable cost. We, as a 2d animation company in India can work to your budget without compromising on the quality.
We have been working on 2d animation services for some good International projects like Hanuman the Immortal, Carotina, Speed Racer, Sakthimaan, Jhol maal , The Lebanon Man, Masameer, Red giant, BEO n PENO, Geronimo, Batpat, NFL Rush Zone, Action Dino, Brum etc.

Types of Animation

Animantz develops highly impressive videos like 2d Animation and 3d animation serials for YouTube and OTT platforms, Animated movies, Animated Explainer Videos, YouTube videos, Educational Videos, Corporate Videos, Whiteboard Animation Videos and eLearning Videos. Our creative and interesting animated videos are targeted towards attracting your end customers and can be sure of unique style and quality. We as an experienced animation company leave no stone unturned to help you stake the maximum ROI through our animation videos.


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    Beo is an idiosyncratic polar bear and Peno is a quirky penguin. They are friends who never get along with each other. One moment they can be seen on a frozen pond, adorably sharing their food and before you go “awww,” ...

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    Beo n' Peno is a 52 episodes x 7 minutes animated series of fast paced action, slapstick comedy and adventure for kids of age group between 4 to 12 years produced Animantz, an animation company since 2005...

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    Chennai-based Animantz is developing the 2D animated series, Fun Run. The first phase of 13 episodes will be completed this October and the studio is planning to release the entire series by 2012 year...

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Our Animation Services

India currently and in future can be coined as a hub for 2D Animation, witnessing the current trends in the animation industry, where not only the nascent producers but as well the giant studios and animation producers look upon India for their animation production needs. Animantz Production team is segregated under Storyboarding, Character Development, 2D animation, 3D animation, e-Learning, assets for mobile games for smart phones like iOS and Android. Animantz core strength is its highly experienced and creative animators, profound in 2d animation, 3D animation and traditional animation techniques with more than 18 years of experience.

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