ANIMANTZ is an Animation company since 2005. Over a period of these years Animantz has developed a good rapport with the animation Industry and are one of the top animation companies in India. Animantz has worked with leading animation studios Worldwide and has developed more than 1500 minutes of best 2d animation in the form of episodes, movies and Ads. Animantz has also worked for Gaming and E-learning Industry in developing animation for their needs.

Animantz has so far developed

up to

1500 minutes

of 2d animation

400 Flash

Online Games

100 Hours

Of E-Learning Content

to various customers across the world. Animantz, for the first time using all its experience, is in the process of creating its own IP, a 2d animated episodic film for broadcasting, titled FUN-RUN. Kindly check our portfolio.

Animantz is also keying up for a Joint venture with a Gaming company in UK in creating a 3D game for PC , X box and PS3.

Prabakar T - Founder and CEO

Prabakar, owing to his passion towards creative Industry, found Animantz in 2005. He formed and led the team from the beginning with the only prime goal of giving the best quality animation to the customers and he has never compromised it till date. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai.

Prabakar is also a certified Grade B Mediator in India under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, India.